Website Advertising

Here are you ideas on how to get free advertising for your website:

1. Becoming a regular contributor to online forums which are appropriate to your topic is an fantastic way to get free advertising for your website. Don’t spam the forum with free advertising offers. Take your time and really participate in the forums. You won’t only get free advertising from your URL in your signature file but you will learn a good deal about your topic.

2. Look for blogs related to your topic. Make relevant comments about the posts and include your website URL. You’ll be surprised how this will get you quality free advertising for your website

4. Traffic exchanges are fantastic ways to get free advertising. There are traffic exchanges which work with your browser, banners, text links and even with the screen saver on your computer. They are mainly free to join.

5. Create an information product about your topic and encourage other sites related to your subject to give away this product. Include your URL in the information product. This can give you consistent free advertising.

6. Writing articles about your topic and submitting them to article directories is and fantastic way to get free advertising for your website.

7. Make sure you have a newsletter subscription form on all your websites. This will grant you to follow up over and over with your visitors. More free advertising.

8. You can also join free advertising forums. Here’s a trick. Hang out in the introductions area and welcome new members to the forum. They’ll appreciate the welcome and they’ll notice your ad in your forum signature.

9. Try making videos about your topic and posting them on YouTube. You’ll be surprised what a good free advertising tool this site is.

Once you have developed a nice newsletter you can exchange advertising with other similar newsletter owners. You run their ad and the run your ad in their newsletter. You are expanding your market.

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