Local Seo Optimization

SEO has become a very important aspect of a business’s marketing plan. Especially for small
businesses, local SEO has become a necessary component of helping customers find businesses
in their area. As people become more reliant on search engines, it is becoming extremely
important for small businesses to be visible on the web when local customers are performing
searches. Here are a couple ways to increase online search visibility and drive sales.

Keywords and key phrases are the cornerstone to any search engine optimization plan.
Researching the dominant keywords for a particular industry helps guide the website’s content.
Several keyword tools not only provide information on which words are popular, but they also give
data on which keywords are used in a particular geographic area. Targeting the keywords used in
a business’s location will ultimately help search engines locate the company website and drive
traffic to the site. When thinking about local SEO, customers in close proximity are of the utmost
importance. Learning their search habits is essential.

Once the keywords are identified, it is necessary to optimize the company website. Starting a
blog is an excellent way to update the site with relevant content. Blog posts should be focused on
the target market’s set of interests. For example, if the business is a grocery store, blog posts
about recipes, sales throughout the store, and important food related news are all great topics to
keep in rotation. The blog should focus on keywords identified during the initial research and be
updated regularly to keep up with trends. The website should also have the most up to date
information as possible. This is especially true for company information such as address and phone
number. One of the main goals of local SEO is to have the business location appear on online
maps. An accurate address is necessary to do this.

As social networks grow, they are gaining more power for the act of link building. Sites like Yelp
and Foursquare, which encourage a social aspect of visiting and reviewing various locations,
have the power to create widespread interest in a company. They also help connect local business
and make it easy to work together toward a widely seen goal. Reciprocal link building can be
incorporated into a marketing plan to increase search visibility and benefit everyone involved

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